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Beau Academy Instructor Kesha-Lena has developed the theory portion of this course to be flexible & allow you to study online at your own pace. This program is exceptional for any working individual that cannot afford to sit in a classroom day after day. Once the theory portion is completed students than perform practical with Kesha, two days of personalized, hands-on training conducted in several cities around the Maritimes to provide as much flexibility for you, our student, as possible.

Start reaping the benefits

It’s important to choose an instructor who specializes in Microblading so you can receive the best training possible. With over 1000 procedures in her portfolio, Kesha is excited to share her technique & expertise with her students.  When learning this form of art, proper understanding of the fundamentals is vital to the development of your skills & portfolio. And with as few as 13 clients you can have your tuition paid off!

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